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Computer Repair 911 Clearwater, FL
Computer Repair 911Clearwater, FL

Here's What our Customers are Say About Us

They really know what they're talking about!

"We have an iMac that failed - turned out to be the motherboard. Jamie was able to salvage it by moving the screen and hard drive to another iMac and we're up and running. He even delivered it right to the house! Jamie has always provided great service at a fair price. He's even declined to do work when it wasn't worth it." - Mark P.

"Jamie was friendly and helpful. He explained all the steps that needed to be done. The service was fast, friendly and he even took the time to explain what he did. Jamie even went over the pricing so I could get the most value for the dollar. Others contractors may be good but I can't imagine any better than Jamie." - Rob D.

"Jamie was terrific - work was done professionally in a timely manner beyond all expectations. Price was very reasonable and he went above and beyond in all aspects. We will not call anyone else and will recommend him highly to anyone." - Dave R.

"I called Jamie at 11:15 Saturday morning, delivered my HP laptop to him at 12:00 noon, and he had completed the job (plus a few extras I didn't realize I needed, but was happy he offered them to me before beginning the work) by 3:30. He was very customer-friendly, explaining to me what he had done and what differences I might see as a result." - Deborah A. 

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