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Computer Repair 911 can fix a range of IT problems. Whether you are experiencing problems with your PC at home or are having issue with your mobile unit, you can count on us to be of service. We provide computer repair, cell phone repair, screen fix and various other services to clients in the Dunedin and Clearwater area. If you think DIY solutions won’t cut it, bring your desktop, laptop or smartphone to us.

We have been serving this part of Florida for 15 years now, and we are committed to keeping our services customer-centric. Our technicians ensure that the work is done properly, and we even pick up and deliver your devices for free. You also have the option of visiting our shop so that we can provide free diagnostics. This is a process that allows us to identify the problem, clarify issues, and give you a quote.

Our technicians also make sure to get the work done quickly. Whether you use your computer or smartphone for business or personal purposes, we know it’s too important to be away from you for an extended period of time. Rest assured that we will find a fix for it as soon as we can; if possible, we’ll finish the job on-site while you wait. On the other hand, please bear with us should the problem be more complex for a quick fix. Nevertheless, we’ll still inform you when you can expect to have it back.

Don’t wait until the problem worsens. We support your effort to figure it all out on your own, but always use your better judgment and bring it to us to avoid complicating the problem further. Let us do the work and we will make sure to restore the full functionality of your iPhone and iPad, Apple or Microsoft product to the best of our abilities.

Give us a call today. Computer Repair 911 is a local IT repair shop in Dunedin, and we can do computer repair, cell phone repair, iPhone and iPad screen fix and more.


  • Refurbished Apple desktops

    Love iMac? So do we. They are a beautiful and powerful machine that looks elegant on any desk or office. Save on one of these beauties with a refurbished machine from Computer Repair 911.

  • Refurbished iPads

    Kindles, iPhone and iPad are cheaper then iPads. But they’re not an iPad. Get the quality, apps, and ease of use that comes with iPad at a fraction of the price.

  • Refurbished Apple laptops

    Macbooks and Macbook Pros tell others that you are a creative person who prefers working with beautiful, well built tools. Most Macbooks on the market cost thousands more then a pc laptop. But not with our refurbished machines.

  • Virus Removal

    Got Bugs? We stop viruses and malware fast!  We’ll also give an updated defense against threats with our STOPzilla system.

  • Refurbished PC laptops

    Whether you need an extra machine or a replacement, no household seems complete anymore without a handy PC. From paying bills to watching Netflix, why not have a great machine at a great price?

  • Refurbished PC desktops

    Need a PC? For home or business,our PCs are re-built and cleaned by our experienced technicians to be ready for you.

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Our machine was unpredictable and scary to use. This shop is easy to get to just off 19 on 580 in Dunedin. And the people there were friendly and knowledgeable. We got back up and running the very same day. Thank you Computer Repair 911
–Vinnie, Palm Harbor Resident

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